Harry Yeff x Trung Bao Nguyen

Harry Yeff (aka Reeps100) is a London born neuro-divergent artist and technologist specializing in voice and technology based artworks. In 2018 Yeff founded the VOICE GEMS project, collecting the world’s voices as data to generate digital artifacts and physical sculpture. Yeff has been visualizing the voice for over 10 years and is globally celebrated as a leader in a new wave of voice, technology and A.I. focused experimentation. His experiential audio-visual works and machine-like vocal control have amassed a global following, rendering over 100 million views online and a slew of arts and institutional acclaim and collaboration.

Following in the footsteps of John Cage and Rauschenberg Yeff joined the legendary Experiments in Art and Technology program at Bell Labs in 2018 fuelling his work at the junction of artificial intelligence, visual and audio cultures, transforming vocal music into visible, physical form through cymatics, performance, installation, sculpture, photography and film. He has showcased internationally, from Art Basel, the Museum of Art and Design in New York to the Tate Britain in London, as well as the Berggruen Institute, KÖNIG GALERIE, Francisco Carolinum Linz, W1 Curates London and Tokyo Design weeks, SXSW, and Sundance film festival. Yeff has become one of the most emerging and progressive lateral thinkers in the world of voice and technology experimentation.


Trung Bao Nguyen is a multidisciplinary Vietnamese artist, a leading vocal experimentalist, and the founder of Fustic, an award-winning creative studio that originated in Vietnam. His works lie at the intersection of technology and art, sound and image. He is included in the list of Forbes 30 under 30 Vietnam 2020 as one of the most influential individuals in Vietnam for his innovation in design and his exploration of human vocal expression.

He is the co-creator of VOICE GEMS, a bespoke generative system that harnesses the fingerprint-like features found in the human voice to generate digital one-of-a-kind gemstones. Combining his experience with his lifelong fascination with the human voice, Trung is on a journey to explore the human voice with creative technology and design. Along with his collaborator Harry Yeff (aka Reeps100), Trung Bao has been collecting earth’s most unique, remarkable, and vulnerable voices for the VOICE GEMS archive. The archive also collects vocal phenomena, expanding to AI synthetic voices and the voices of critically endangered species.

Exhibitions and collaborations include, among others the World Economic Forum (MESSAGES OF HOPE), KÖNIG GALERIE, Francisco Carolinum Linz, W1 Curates, and the Berggruen Institute.