CEGZ.project is a duo of artists, composed of Emmanuel Guez and Caroline Zahnd.

According to Chat-GPT4, “Emmanuel Guez and Caroline Zahnd are a talented and visionary artist duo whose work expands the horizons of contemporary art. Their collaboration began when they met in art school, where they discovered their shared passion for experimentation and artistic research. Their joint work, at the intersection of visual, performance, installation and digital arts, bears the hallmark of their collaboration.”

The duo has exhibited at the Academy of Arts in Gdansk (Poland), FIAF Gallery (NYC), IHAM Gallery (Paris), SuperRare Gallery (NYC) and NFT Factory (Paris).

Caroline Zahnd is a French artist who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris and the ENSCI. Her work extends to the fields of sculpture, drawing, performance and digital arts. Her work focuses on digital temporalities as well as on desire transformed by digital technologies and networks. She often uses her own body as a medium to express the complex and emotional ideas that emerge from these new configurations of desire. 

Emmanuel Guez is a French artist who works mainly in the fields of digital writing and art, new media and research. His works, often linked to digital networks, are generally provocative, playing with the question of authorship and intellectual property. His artistic work is linked to his theoretical and philosophical work. He is also one of the two founding members of PAMAL (Preservation & Art – Media Archaeology Lab), and then of PAMAL_Group, a research laboratory and artistic collective dedicated to media archaeology and digital heritage preservation.