Diana Lobo

Diana Lobo (1984, born and based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is an artist and poet with a passion for exploring the interplay between language and visual art. Her work often incorporates poem-objects and other techniques to create a physicality that elevates the written word beyond its traditional constraints. Diana’s artistic curiosity extends to the pictorial ways that language can exist, including the shape, meaning, and context of letters, alphabets, and other writing systems. She is particularly interested in the creative possibilities of alternative writing systems like Braille and notation.

Diana is also an innovator in the field of crypto poetry, having created the Seed Phrase Poetry Project, which uses only BIT39 words to create experimental poems. Her initial series of NFT poems explores the idea of entropy, using 12 words that relate to the 128 bits of entropy. 

Overall, Diana Lobo’s work is a powerful exploration of the ways in which language and visual art can intersect and interact with each other. Through her innovative approaches to poetry, writing, and art, she opens up new possibilities for creative expression and invites us to reconsider our assumptions about the relationship between language and meaning.