theVERSEverse is a poetry NFT gallery where poem = work of art.

Web 3.0

We onboard acclaimed writers to web 3.0.


We celebrate the rise of crypto-native poetry.


We help empower writers creatively and financially.


We educate collectors, curators, editors and publishers.


We are part of a movement to build the future of literature on the blockchain.


We are cross-chain with a diverse, inclusive community.

We believe the act of reading is one of the closest forms of communion between two minds—that of author and reader.

When individuals converse, there is mediation, interpretation, negotiation. Even a mind before a sculpture, a canvas, a digital image engages in an inner dialogue of interrogation, comprehension, valuation. Music gains narrative when lyrics are added. Films start with a script.

A mind deeply engaged with a text allows the language of the text to become its own.

Are you with us? Doesn’t it feel good to know we’ve come so close?

The effort of writing makes such communion possible. Join us in valuing this effort.

theVERSEverse wagers everything on a poem.