Jun 2, 2023

EROTIKA II Pride Festival by ClitSplash

EROTIKA II Pride Festival by ClitSplash (21+)

“A festival of non-mainstream erotic art created by leading feminist and LGBTQIA+ artists. Through digital art and the metaverse, the exhibition reclaims new and fresh perspectives on sexual freedom and invites audiences to challenge the dominant normative viewpoint, promoting the diversity of expressions and identities.”

featuring works from theVERSEverse

Avail by Julie Marie Wade x Layla Pizzaro
Easy by Legna Rodriguez Iglesias x Vestica
Sex by Denise Duhamel x Marlon Portales
Ghost Organ by Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello x Gretta Louw
Within the Zinfandel by VERSA x Ross Goodwin
I Saw You by Nicole Tallman x May Naibo
Vasectomy by Ana María Caballero

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