Future Mythologies: Artemis

Nathaniel Stern

Anne Spalter

She is more than a symbol; she is Artemis.

Future Mythologies is a collaboration between Anne Spalter and Nathaniel Stern for theVERSEverse’s GenText series. It’s a series of 12 poems written in collaboration with text-based AIs, incorporated into videos produced with the help of text-to-image AI. Each explores a character from Greek mythology, with a sci-fi twist. Written and performed by Stern, video art by Spalter.


Just a few days old, and
full of responsibility.
She protects and projects,
is responsible for the tides,
the rising and falling of the sea.
She can be seen as a woman
with a bow and arrow, or
as a cat that’s hunting mice.
She is always changing, always growing.
Her phases are changeable.
Her color is ever-changing:
silver, gold, white, red and green.
She watches over you while you sleep;
she protects your dreams.