Julie Marie Wade

Layla Pizarro

AVAIL is an original poem written by Julie Marie Wade and interpreted by Layla Pizarro.

Pizarro is a multidisciplinary artist based in Chile. Her practice bridges two distinct realms: figurative realism and non-representational abstraction. Her works are a reflection of her days and her experiences, ranging from analog and digital painting to digital and experimental photography. She also uses AI as a generative tool.

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If the poem could stop writing itself, it would.

Ageless perpetua, carbon to stone,

lead and the softer metals.

I put jade in the door, to prop it open,

but the keyhole is hungry and swallows my treasures whole.

Inside is a room

with cylindrical walls and a ceiling occasionally shaken.

Mine.     Erasure.     Ours.

Under your feet a new callus forms.

My fingers relinquish: hard water, phosphorous bones.

Together we thresh the roses.