bewildered with stars

Franny Choi

Alida Sun

by Franny Choi x Alida Sun


“bewildered with stars” is an excerpt from a poem written by Franny Choi, reimagined as a generative audiovisual installation created by artist & technologist Alida Sun. 

The artwork is a multi-sensory meditation on migration and nature, exploring the concepts in various dimensions.

Sun transforms Choi’s poetry via programming and interactive projection mapping into an atmospheric, ever-changing constellation of light and sound echoing the migratory birds from Choi’s poem, “Fugue in DMZ/Frontera.” Sun’s choice of mapping as medium is uniquely suited to reclaiming cartography and conveying resilience from the artist’s lived experience of repeated migration and rootlessness: code and light can quickly adapt to or alter any space.

The work highlights poetry and generative art’s power to transcend the static and objectified, utilizing code as a living medium to illuminate interconnectedness between humans, nature, and technology.

Code, cartography, light.
1920 × 1080

Poem text:
under godlight under
galaxy canyon beneath a cape
bewildered with stars

Featured in POÈME SBJKT, an exhibition of works of literature both on and off the blockchain that enhance, reinvent, and reimagine the relationship between text and image, analog and digital, blurring and challenging the lines that seek to divide.

POÈME SBJKT was curated by theVERSEverse in partnership with L’Avant Galerie Vossen and took place at Librairie Métamorphoses from May 25 – July 15, 2023.