Martica Minipunto

POESIA DE PROTESTA is an exhibition featuring 10 Spanish poems written by Hispanic women. The texts all express a form of protest – political, economic, sexual, or social. Each poem has been interpreted by a visual artist, with curation by Cuban historian and art professor Gladys Garrote.

POESÍA DE PROTESTA es una exposición que presenta 10 poemas en español escritos por mujeres hispanas. Todos los textos expresan una forma de protesta, ya sea política, económica, sexual o social. Cada poema ha sido interpretado por un artista visual, con la curaduría de la historiadora del arte cubana Gladys Garrote.

Written by Martica Minipunto
Visually interpreted by Ivan Casis

How to make a Revolution without a car?

I want to break a car
Destroy it as a tiny ant in the map
But I don’t have car
Maybe I can break my parents’ car
Cut it into many pieces and eat it
and think about the indigestion
caused by those plastic, metal and glass pieces
that this suspicious car gives to my ideologized heart
But my parents don’t have a car
My grandparents don’t have a car either

**I need to break, to kill, to demolish this imaginary car, this impossible car
in an anonymous accident maybe
**Somebody tells me about an accident
A car kills many people on the street
Is the car guilty of murder?
Is the car a super killer automaton?!
Is the car a student protest?
I need to put an end to the life of this invisible car
Which is looking into my eyes
Which is inside the plating
Which is taking the best of me
By shooting into my heart as an empty island with only one car
A death
Maybe they say Heimat
Maybe they say Viva Cuba Libre
Maybe they say