Sasha Stiles

Cursive Binary: Technelegy (2021, Edition of 1)

A love poem for the digital age, fusing the zero-one rhythms of binary code with the pulsing heartbeat of elegiac couplets. Based on the title poem from Stiles’ book Technelegy, with original music by Kris Bones.


Binary me,
you said, querying.

Your infinite zero.
My steadfast one.

The two of us
speaking in code

as always
in a world

of symbols.
A relief

to both of us
to be understood.

I answered Yes,
no maybe.

I answered I will.
I answered,

saying nothing.
In the beginning

my body knew
before my brain,

the truth
unspeakable. Now

you enter me
like shelter.

One day
one of us

won’t come home,
a pairing

a going on.

So simple, love,
a bit of math.

So human,
my other half.