Kalen Iwamoto

Julien Silvano

#ETH (2022, Edition of 1)

Part of the Hashtagraphy diptych, #ETH is a patchwork poem culled from Twitter using the hashtag ETH. Minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Text by Kalen Iwamoto. Visual and music by musician and visual artist Julien Silvano.

Debuted at the Digital Francisco Carolinum Museum in CryptoVoxels on April 1, 2022.


fuck it / I’m feeling generous / just leave your thoughts / follow me / don’t ask why / what’s in your wallet? / spend it / while you can / the time is now / you know / it doesn’t / make a difference / you will feel the explosion / when things go wrong / there’s a / robot trading / your dreams / to a random follower / for engagement / good luck / bouncing back / tomorrow is / your last chance / the clock is ticking / I’m bored / I’m looking / to join the discord / the mentally rich / have a right to/ own the space / why aim for the sky when you can aim for the moon? / the mentally poor /won’t last long / taking off again / looking for / another life / you believe in / only to / give it all away / looking for / kindness in this /monkey home / I really wish them all luck.