Sasha Stiles

Floralgorithm (2021, Edition of 1)

A transhuman collaboration between Sasha Stiles and her AI alter ego, Technelegy, a custom generative text tool mentored on her writing and research materials. Based on a poem from Stiles’ book Technelegy, with original music by Kris Bones.

Available to collect on Foundation.


Wildflowers dream wild dreams.
They come alive and dance
in the green grasses,
dreaming the wildflower dream.
My fingers place seeds in the damp soil.
My thoughts become poems
that escape and become wildflowers.
I think they must all come to life and dance
in the glowing spring grass,
a legacy of dreams.
Our world of endless change
dreams a thousand dreams of tomorrow.
All those wildflowers become a bouquet.
The wind sings a song of longing
and hope, a song of sweet promises.
The grasses are the promise of spring.
You who are there in my dream,
how strange and wonderful you are.
There is magic in the universe
and dreams in the grasses.
The humble land blooms sweetly.
So, welcome to my wildflower fantasy.
Now you live in a world of dreams.