Future Mythologies: Cy

Nathaniel Stern

Anne Spalter

Cyclops looks and sees, draws and creates.

Future Mythologies is a collaboration between Anne Spalter and Nathaniel Stern for theVERSEverse’s GenText series. It’s a series of 12 poems written in collaboration with text-based AIs, incorporated into videos produced with the help of text-to-image AI. Each explores a character from Greek mythology, with a sci-fi twist. Written and performed by Stern, video art by Spalter.


Tunnel vision
can sometimes be a blessing.
With Nobody as my friend, I sail toward Saturn.
One-eyed, wondering and wandering,
penciling my signifying marks.
I’m a voyeur on the margins,
an eater of the dark.
I am an exile from my own time,
a chartered citizen of Nowhere.
Once I was a visionary, now
my sight has been reduced to one slit.
I’m a Cyclops to Saturn, a future mythology…
Some-thing, drawn, in the making.