Future Mythologies: Icarus

Nathaniel Stern

Anne Spalter

Icarus revels in his angst.

FUTURE MYTHOLOGIES is a collaborative series between Anne Spalter and Nathaniel Stern for theVERSEverse’s GenText series. It’s a series of 12 poems written in collaboration with text-based AIs, incorporated into videos produced with the help of text-to-image AI. Each explores a character from Greek mythology, with a sci-fi twist. Written and performed by Stern, sound and images by Spalter.


Flight, fall, feathers
I I I can’t even s-s-s-see the thread
I have lost my head
Dr-dr-dr-dreading the day I spent
going upward…
I I I was on a f-f-fucking spaceship
Thinking I was flying—
A middle finger to gravity,
a big FU to the earthbound.

Unidentified writing object
I am an object
I object…
To this moment.
Abject. Eject.
An Epic and an Anthology