Alexandra Lytton Regalado

POESIA DE PROTESTA is an exhibition featuring 10 Spanish poems written by Hispanic women. The texts all express a form of protest – political, economic, sexual, or social. Each poem has been interpreted by a visual artist, with curation by Cuban historian and art professor Gladys Garrote.

POESÍA DE PROTESTA es una exposición que presenta 10 poemas en español escritos por mujeres hispanas. Todos los textos expresan una forma de protesta, ya sea política, económica, sexual o social. Cada poema ha sido interpretado por un artista visual, con la curaduría de la historiadora del arte cubana Gladys Garrote.

Written by Alexandra Lytton Regalado
Visually interpreted by Gabrielle Mic

Hija, an Inheritance 

Of pink, I relate only to red’s
Snakebite strike, to white’s muffled 

Light, the two like foods on a child’s plate,
Colors that must remain untouching. 

Pink rabbit eye, pretty yet sinister;
The signs along the trafficked road 

To the beach offer Rabbits: For Meat
Or Pets. When I was a child, our pet rabbit 

Lived in a cage in the far corner of our yard
& beyond that fence lay acres & acres 

Of government land set aside for experiments
On fruit trees. Pink like that dwarf-rabbit’s 

Gums, I obsessed with her teeth & I’d
Turn the rabbit on her back, cup her in the palm 

Of my hand & part her furred lips. She did not mean
To smile & it was funny. She always bit me, but it 

Was worth it. Pink as a young girl’s bedroom, the heart
Of a seashell, our own pink interior, the meat of us, pink 

Of lip: red, what it says yes to; white, what is unsaid.
Pink inside of rabbit ears, always 

At attention, I’d pet the softest parts &
They’d turn, following their fear.