la rueda se ha deteni

Yolanda Segura

POESIA DE PROTESTA is an exhibition featuring 10 Spanish poems written by Hispanic women. The texts all express a form of protest -political, economical, sexual, or social. Each poem has been interpreted by a visual artist, with curation by Cuban historian and art professor Gladys Garrote.

POESÍA DE PROTESTA es una exposición que presenta 10 poemas en español escritos por mujeres hispanas. Todos los textos expresan una forma de protesta, ya sea política, económica, sexual o social. Cada poema ha sido interpretado por un artista visual, con la curaduría de la historiadora del arte cubana Gladys Garrote.

Yolanda Segura x Bird of Omen

The Wheel has sto

Two three two three it has sto 🌪️ We’re three minutes past midnight, it’s about questions, as always, about questions, and an intention of saying something that isn’t there. For instance, the passenger trains stopped working in Mexico in 1997. I was seven (you were two) when the last train took the last passengers, and I didn’t notice it, you didn’t notice either, but we were playing with fluorescent green rails and machines powered by AA batteries. The machines carried wagons, carousels, they were circus’ trains.

[The subtext is something like this, it’s not linear nor mechanical, it’s a symbolic train that doesn’t move forward

We drew with a marker on our wrists, the hands of the clock always static, an accessory, the decoration of a skin drawing a future with no future,

[subtext: it’s founded on abstraction, a concept before something moves.

The advantage of a clock like the ones we drew is that they gave the exact hour at least twice a day. One which gets delayed one second will only give the exact hour once every 🌪️

[Subtext: Marx said that revolutions are the locomotive of world history, Maybe, things show up in a different way. It may happen that revolutions are the acts for which mankind that travels on the train pulls the emergency break, a time that doesn’t consider life is homogeneous and the emptiness: an abstraction.

To be on time, to be late, to be ahead of your time, ways to say something which is, by the end, incommunicable. What’s needed for being able to give the hour? First, a clock, then, to know how to read the numbers, at least, to be able to see, to be able to talk.

[This subtext is made by some quantum physics ideas which Karen Barad explains and I’m not able to fully understand. Something like the particles take their place, a moment, a place. Waves are not even entities, barely perturbations and fields. Waves can overlap occupy multiple positions at the same time. But, in some point, they can’t be distinguished from the other. This means that time and space are produced, refracted. Multiple times in just one time. Future is happening now, just like past.

Here, there would be a reference to Marty McFly, but we’re not talking here only about the hours we spent watching Channel 5 on Sundays. The gears melted, we defuturized. What kind of revolution might we think about now we grew up?

[🌪️Nature depends on how you measure it, your relationship with it. Against what’s singular: not against a future made up by singular moments (that would be emptiness), but against the possibility of futures in which you and I have a right to the future, radical political possibilities.

You say you’d like to take back those little trains.

I’m telling you that I found them in a box at mom’s house and wanted to make them 

Debuted at Refraction x Miami Art Week ‘22