Julie Marie Wade

Rose Jackson

MAINLAND is an original poem written by Julie Marie Wade and interpreted by Rose Jackson.

Rose is an Australian textile and digital artist. She uses traditional wet felting methods to hand make wool felt, from which she creates a range of digital artworks combining those physical felt artworks with animation and GAN. Inspired by her surrounds in the bushland of Blue Mountains, Australia, she makes abstract artworks to explore the connection between the natural world and a digital one.


My body of work is the work of the body. To un-
cover, like the contents of sand dunes, the places
I come from, the places I’m buried. Somewhere
a cemetery on another coast—and Linda Bird is
resting in it. To think of her brings a comfort
that is also a body, broken and given for you,
and which I suppose she really believed. But
what for the rest of us, who found Jesus and lost
him again, who saw the sand dollar split open
with all the white doves and still refused to
curtain our heads? “Take it all to Jesus,”
she always said, but I am a stubborn one:
cuffed to some other truth, some other story.