Nathaniel Stern

OEDIPUS (1999, Edition of 1)

Between 1999 and 2004, Nathaniel Stern produced dozens of media-rich poetry pieces – released as NET.ART, interactive installations, and video sculptures – all of which which culminated in his first solo museum exhibition: The Storytellers, at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. Here, stories and characters unfold mostly from what is not said, and how we relate to each.

Stern’s site, HEKTOR (2000), used mostly Flash and streaming QuickTime – neither of which work any more. And his video series for iPod, ODYS 2003, was largely considered the first of its kind. Both are in the Rhizome ArtBase.

Stern is currently updating several of these always quirky and OG, often humorous or discomfiting, pieces as 1/1s exclusively for theVERSEverse.

Debuted at the Digital Francisco Carolinum in Cryptovoxels on April 1, 2022.