Por esta vida de díscolo

Katherine Bisquet

POESÍA DE PROTESTA is an exhibition featuring 10 Spanish poems written by Hispanic women. The texts all express a form of protest–political, economical, sexual, or social. Each poem has been interpreted by a visual artist, with curation by Cuban historian and art professor Gladys Garrote.

POESÍA DE PROTESTA es una exposición que presenta 10 poemas en español escritos por mujeres hispanas. Todos los textos expresan una forma de protesta, ya sea política, económica, sexual o social. Cada poema ha sido interpretado por un artista visual, con la curaduría de la historiadora del arte cubana Gladys Garrote.

Katherine Bisquet x cymoonv

Around this wayward life 

Know that, just as platycerium sticks to the trunk
a wayward is a potential fern
(as proven by plastidial genetics).
A wayward grows and burgeons according to his helplessness
carries your roots
and those other things that make you a vertebrate.
A marble mortar.
I bear it on my back to the top of a hill.
I hesitate:
let it fall,
carry it back to the top again.
In these wayward times, I think about giving it other functions.
A mortar can shape
anything by smashing it, but congruent
marble will grant you the shape
of an immortalized story of square crockery.

Let it fall.

Behold the disobedience to huge systemic
“al ajo por ajo,
y díscolo por díscolo”

If the garlic ain’t smashed,
the soup won’t suit.
How can I not understand such a simple equation?
A marble mortar,
I bear it on my back to the top of a hill.
I hesitate:
smash the garlic,
let it fall with the substance.
An effective smashing,
basil branch.
I bring it into the house to heal the vibe.

Debuted at Refraction x Miami Art Week ‘22