SOHO ~ Choose Beauty

Laurence Fuller

Choose Beauty was originally created in coordination with a selection of artworks that was displayed at the Stellar Gallery at Lume Studios in Soho NYC on April 2nd



Life itself is an oath,

It is the beauty we chose,

Turning hands clenched by the coast.

Falling curtains are what we love the most,

Ideas hang in the balance of what we are and what we know,

Within a persistent echo,

Digging in our past we find heroes,

With rings around their bones.

I acknowledge we’re only here for a moment.

Other’s wish for me to steer my mast in their direction,

Hoping to see in my eyes; their own reflection.

I know how you felt, when you found a voice to use language as a vessel,

To create the world around you in your image.

How many others wish to swim in your river and move your pen to their wishes?

To see their own ideas more beautifully expressed and enacted?

With all their failings redacted.

Where art hangs on the pillars of invention,

Where the wall, the floor, the earth,

To the void in our chests that see ourselves in unrest,

Glory waits for tomorrow, where fate is frozen.

Today kiss my face and tell my broken ears of a choice;

Choose love,

Choose rich,

Choose bliss,

Choose to dream,

Choose to kiss,

Choose beauty.


Cinematic Poetry, written, produced and performed by Laurence Fuller

AI Visuals and Music created by Laurence Fuller


Soho Collection has been Curated by;

The VerseVerse ‘After Ginsberg’,

CryptGallery at Dream Hotel in Manhattan,

Lume Studios in Soho,

Nolcha Shows in NYC,

‘First Drop’ exhibition by NueroNexus,

Featured Drop on Foundation