Kalen Iwamoto

Julien Silvano

#XTZ (2022, Edition of 1)

Part of the Hashtagraphy diptych, #XTZ is a patchwork poem culled from Twitter using the hashtag XTZ. Minted on the Tezos blockchain. Text by Kalen Iwamoto. Visual and music by musician and visual artist Julien Silvano.

Debuted at the Digital Francisco Carolinum Museum in CryptoVoxels on April 1, 2022.


Follow me / bleeding, through / the passage to wonderland / On the midnight throne /the jester becomes the king / emerging from the darkness / beautiful people / fell, deranged / a woman / suspicious and nervous / ate her ego / will burn all remaining / signs of weakness / strange creatures / bitchslapping / bad actors / shilling their / sinking ship / a wonderful day / to build multiple rafts