Ana Maria Caballero

Joëlle Snaith

THE PUBLIC is a poem written by Ana Maria Caballero and visually interpreted by Joëlle, an artist and designer working in the realm of live visuals and performance where she explores the relationship between sound and form. Joëlle created the visuals using a waveform of Ana’s voice reciting the poem, then processing it and adding fx that amplify the ritualistic, pre-verbal elements of Ana’s words.


Born of the first stone, I am witch:
spellbound by small elements,
snails in the throat, birds on the lip.

There is a hiding behind the trunk
of a dead tree, a memory
of morning, a reckoning.

There are no men, no children.
No women with soft worries.
No confidences, or shared will.

But when I blow the lonesome wind,
the wooded land breathes in.
Together we become the ancient word:

a god released.