you are dying too.

aurèce vettier

“you are dying too.” is part of a series of seven works written with aurèce vettier’s AI-generated, latent botanist writing.

The assembly of the seven works reconstitutes “without our presence, the soil breaks down”, a poem that serves as a thread for the black paintings of the “Potential Herbariums” series, shown during the exhibition POÈME SBJKT at the Librairie Métamorphoses in Paris, in May 2023.

“without our presence, the soil breaks down, and the rocks and the hillsides fall apart. the rivers lose their way, and so does our tongue that cannot tell of our deaths. we think it is because you can’t bear to see us rotting away into nothingness. well, be comforted; we are saying this to you: you are not what you used to be any more. you are dying too.”

Ref: AV-2023-U-351