Significant Acquisition of Digital Poetry by Mad Arts

In a historic moment for digital poetry, Mad Arts acquires a significant collection of works from theVERSEverse, representing a critically acclaimed and diverse group of poets and artists

(Dania Beach, Florida, April 10, 2024) In the midst of National Poetry Month, Mad Arts, the first art and technology museum started by a creative agency, is proud to announce the acquisition of a significant portfolio of digital poems curated by theVERSEverse. The 22 digital poems acquired by Mad Arts represent one of the largest digital poetry acquisitions by a museum to date and reflect the ambitious program that Mad Arts has undertaken to become an innovating fixture of South Florida’s flourishing art and technology ecosystem. Marc Aptakin, founder and CEO of Mad Arts, says “theVERSEverse is reimagining how poems are both made and delivered, and we are honored to work with them to find new and innovative ways to bring these amazing works to life.”

theVERSEverse – a woman-led collective of poets, artists, and creative technologists – commissions, curates, and sells digital poems, emphasizing craft and creating lasting value that can support artists financially. Co-founder Ana María Caballero says, “I believe blockchain provenance will prove revolutionary for poets, transforming the way we transact our poems and bring them into the world, connecting new audiences with their sorcery.” Of the artists in Mad’s acquisition, Caballero adds: “From photography to generative AI, algorithmic coding to performance, the visual language of the works complements the written words in truly evocative forms.”

The collection includes “Medusa,” a piece by artist Anne Spalter – whose work is in the collection of the Centre Pompidou – in collaboration with poet Nathaniel Stern. It also includes “I Saw You,” a poem by Nicole Tallman, poetry ambassador for Miami-Dade County, with enigmatic visuals by May Naibo, a Kenyan photographer and creative technologist.

“Confessional” is by Guggenheim and NEA fellow Denise Duhamel and Cuban artist Marlon Portales, and “Consejo a la hija que nunca tendré, Para Rafaela” was penned by Caridad Moro-Gronlier, the newly appointed poet laureate of Miami-Dade County, with hallucinatory visuals by Los Angeles-based new media artist Ellie Pritts.

These and the rest of the digital poetry works will be exhibited in Summer 2024 at Mad Arts’ 50,000 square-foot museum in Dania Beach, Florida, with an opening announcement forthcoming. The works will be part of an educational initiative that will explore how cutting-edge technologies of web3 and blockchain intersect with one of the world’s oldest art forms.


Single works
Century Sickness” by David Hernandez and Kim Siew
Grammar” by Julie Marie Wade and Rose Jackson
Confessional” by Denise Duhamel and Marlon Portales
Leitmotif, Nihilist, Epitome” by Ronnie Angel Pope and Connie Bakshi*
I Saw You” by Nicole Tallman and May Naibo
Future Mythologies: Medusa” by Anne Spalter and Nathaniel Stern
VICE II” by Pierre Gervois
The Hundred Heads” by Ana María Caballero
Paperwork” by Ana María Caballero

Editioned works
Consejo a la hija que nunca tendré, Para Rafaela” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier and Ellie Pritts*
Subversión” by Mia Leonin and Tuna Bora*
El mal concreto” by Amalia Moreno and Genki Nishida*
¿Cómo hacer una revolución sin un carro?” by Martica Minipunto and Iván Casís*
Hija, una herencia” by Alexandra Lytton Regalado and Gab Floramica*
Clemencia” by Martica Minipunto and dancevatar*
TREGUA/TRUCE” by Fermina Ponce and Anya Asano*
Domingo 13” by Ana María Caballero and Roberto Salazar*
El Crucigrama” by Legna Rodríguez and Tabitha Swanson*
Canción del optimista” by Amalia Moreno and Noortje Stortelder*
Fácil” by Legna Rodríguez and Veštica*
Mermelada agridulce” by Patricia Echeverria Liras x Marianna Jaszczuk*

Artists’ headshots, bios, and artwork images can be found here.

*These artworks were minted and collected on the Tezos blockchain.

About theVERSEverse
theVERSEverse is a literary gallery where poem = work of art. Founded in November 2021 by Ana María Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, and Sasha Stiles, theVERSEverse is a collective of poets, writers, artists, editors, curators, and creative technologists working to unlock the literary potential of the blockchain. Leveraging web3 tools to unlock creativity, theVERSEverse strives to empower writers artistically, technologically, and financially. Elisabeth Sweet joined to support communications and community outreach.

About Mad Arts
Mad, an end-to-end creative agency with manufacturing capabilities, started Mad Arts with the mission of helping artists launch their ideas using agency expertise and resources to help create experiences that may have otherwise been out of reach. Located in Dania Beach, just north of Miami and south of Ft. Lauderdale, Mad Arts immerses audiences in both high and low-tech experiences by local and international artists.

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